By Lucia Bogantes Guides For Sellers

What do home buyers want?

Your presence in this article shows that you plan to sell a house or apartment and know the essential things a buyer usually considers. If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

We have done thorough research on this one question and found the list of essential features that every buyer demands to purchase it easily. If you would include all these features inside your home, things will get easier to sell your house or apartment without any issues quickly. So what are those crucial features? Let’s discuss it in the below section.

List of Features a Home Buyer Wants:

Feature no 1:

According to Real Estate Experts, more than 90% of the buyers demand a proper laundry room inside the house or apartment. Therefore, it would be essential for you to include one in your home to attract potential buyers to purchase the property.

Let say you don’t have a laundry room inside the home; then you should make some investment to add one inside the home. If you have a basement, then it would be the best thing to include the laundry room in the basement area. Otherwise, you can go with any other area of your home that would be not in use and preferably best to consider as a laundry room.

Having a laundry room is not the only important thing inside the house. Make sure to provide all the amenities inside the room that is common or usually available inside it.

Feature no 2:

The patio is the second most important feature that more than 80% of the buyer tends to consider when purchasing a home. If you have one, it would be a good thing for you to get a considerable amount of quotes from the buyer side. If you haven’t, then you should need to create one inside your home.

The reason people go for this feature because they always want to spend some quality time in the outdoor area. When they see a backyard inside the home that is set in the best way, it will persuade them when they were enjoying the time with the family or friends in the same place. Therefore, the chances of purchasing the home also increase in their mind. Meanwhile, more potential customers demanding your home for the same purpose would also increase its market rates.

Feature no 3:

The third most important feature is energy efficiency, which around 90% of the potential buyers consider in their home. Therefore, you must need to include all of the things inside the house or apartment to bring excellent energy efficiency.

People demand this feature because it helps them save a considerable amount on the lights or gas inside the home. With proper efficiency, they could enjoy the same thing they are getting from using the home appliances.

You should also include the home appliances and windows inside the home that help maintain the home's excellent energy efficiency. Once installed all these features, the buyer would consider the home offering them the money-saving opportunity. Therefore, they would consider this feature and always offer you a profitable deal for it.

Feature no 4:

Having a Garage storage space is one of the best things for your home when selling it to someone else. More than 80% of the potential buyers consider this feature at the time of purchasing a home.

Commonly, every single person's family tends to grow with time. Therefore, a considerable amount of storage is mainly required to fill up space with lots of essential items or objects to keep the house's interior clean and open.

If you have any storage space available other than garage storage space, you should always plan to have one for your home as it’s the essential requirement for every potential buyer.

Feature no 5:

The fifth most crucial feature that more than 80% of the potential buyers are demanding in their homeis the ceiling fans. If you have not installed it in your house or apartment, you must install it now.

The reason people consider this feature inside the home because it helps them lower the cooling costs in the summer seasons. If you run Air-conditioners throughout the day and night, it will consume lots of electricity, and the buyer has to pay lots of electricity bills. Depending on your range, you can install the ceiling fans inside the house or apartment.

Feature no 6: 

The sixth important feature is the exterior lighting on a home. According to the real estate agents, more than 90% of the potential customers get attracted to a listed house or apartment with a proper outdoor lighting system.

If you haven’t think about it before, then it’s good to consider it for your home. In other words, spending the amount on this feature will always increase your home's value among potential buyers.

Feature no 7:

The seventh most crucial feature a buyer considers inside the house or apartment is the eat-in-kitchen. It helps every family with children to have such a place where they can easily dine for dinner, breakfast, or brunch. If you don’t have one in your home, you should add it inside the kitchen.

Feature no 8:

Finally, the home buyer coming to see your house or apartment must reasonably need everything. Therefore, you have to perform updates or repairs when selling your house or apartment to someone. The most common part of your home that requires repairs in the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, you need to take care of their repairs.


Are you the one who is planning to sell your house or apartment and wants to know the essential features that a home buyer demands or inspect inside the home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we have discussed eight different and vital features that you should need include in your home to get a positive response and instant sale for your home.